My Math Mat – English
"My Math Mat - English" is a very fun toy for children to learn simple math! This item is the first level of learning math within Toys for  products. The beautifully colored, rectangle bag made from soft, recycled fabric contains a small sack full of triangles as well as the numbers 1 through 10, and 5 small carpets. Two addition equations are sewn on each carpet, with the answer missing. Instead of having numbers as the components of the equations, a number of sewn triangles are used. Children sum up the total number to figure out the answer. When children have reached an answer, they take out the number from the sack. Children can place the stuffed triangles from the bag over the sewn triangles on the mat to add more fun to the game. "My Math Mat - English" takes the women artisans of Jenin Refugee Camp approximately 13 hours to create "My Math Mat - English".

عرض الردود