My Alphabet Bus - Arabic
"My Alphabet Bus - Arabic" is the second level in learning Arabic. The toy is a small school bus made from soft, recycled fabric. "My Alphabet Bus - Arabic" is one of the best educational tools that demonstrates the structure and shape of Arabic letters in a word. The letter changes shape depending on where it sits in the word. The Arabic bus consists of three sections to emulate the letters' shapes and structures over the various parts of a word. The first section includes the stuffed Arabic letters' shapes at the beginning of the word, the second section has the letters' shapes when they are found in the middle of the word, and the last section has the shapes of the letters when they are found at the end of a word. The bus also includes the accents used on Arabic letters which are under the hood of the bus. Children will have a very clear demonstration of the letters' shapes and the accents and will be helped in the earlier stages of reading and writing in the Arabic language. It takes the women of Jenin Refugee Camp approximately 65 hours to complete this special toy.

عرض الردود