My Shapes and Numbers 1 to 10 – English
"My Shapes and Numbers 1 to 10 - English" is the second level of teaching math within Toys for  products. With its bright and fresh colors, it gives you the chance to spend fun yet fruitful time with your child. Through playing with the colorful stuffed triangles and numbers in "My Shapes and Numbers 1 to 10 - English", children will have a fun time learning. This item includes numbers 1-10. Not only will this product teach children how to count it will also give children the chance to learn how to create simple math equations since the product includes plus (+), minus (-),and equal (=) signs. In addition, 40 stuffed shapes - triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles - are included in this toy so children can connect between the triangles they count and their numbers. "My Shapes and Numbers 1 to 10 - English" is packaged in a way so that when it is opened it becomes a soft mat for children to play with the numbers on. It takes the women artisans of Jenin Refugee Camp approximately 14 hours.

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